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United States

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Overall, American investors are moderately trusting of the financial services industry, however trust has diminished over the last two years. Despite the downward trust trend, more than half of eligible investors believe state-sponsored pension programs will pay out benefits as promised. Investor optimism also exists looking forward with low levels of concern for a financial crisis within the next three years and a strong belief that there is a fair opportunity to profit by investing in capital markets.

American investors continue to value access to people over technology to manage investments and overwhelmingly trust human advice over that of robo-advisers. Despite this, investors are largely unsure when asked about investing in a fund that primarily uses artificial intelligence, suggesting opportunities exist for financial advisers to further educate investors on technology-based investment solutions.

Despite a global split, American investors significantly prefer partnering with people they can count on over a trusted brand. Lack of communication, underperformance, and fees are the primary reasons investors would consider leaving their financial adviser. Investors are split on the need for more personalized products and the majority of those who are interested are unwilling to pay for the added personalization.