Market Snapshots

United Kingdom

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Over half of investors surveyed in the United Kingdom believe a financial crisis in the next three years is very likely, up significantly from 2018. Investor sentiment for financial services remains low with less than half of respondents expressing trust for the industry. Conversely, most investors believe state-sponsored financial benefits will pay out in old age and that they have a fair opportunity to profit by investing in capital markets.

UK investors show a strong preference for human advisers over robo-advisers and value access to people over technology. Investors are reluctant to invest in funds managed by artificial intelligence, but nearly half are interested in having access to the latest technology platforms and tools.

When evaluating investment professionals, UK investors are split between people they can count on and a brand they can trust. A significant majority of investors want more personalized products to meet their investing needs and over half are willing to pay for those services. However, underperformance and high fees are the most likely causes for investors to consider leaving their financial adviser, further reinforcing the importance of relationship management.